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Town Council Members & Government

Roy Stoddard | Town of Six Mile SC
Roy Stoddard 


December 6, 2011 - December 5, 2023

Karen Bedenbaugh | Town of Six Mile SC
Karen Bedenbaugh

Council Member

May 16, 2016 - December 5, 2023


Daniel Crosby | Town of Six Mile SC
Jadd Smith


December 7, 2021 - December 22025

Members of the Planning Commission


The Planning Commission meets regularly in the Community Building at 6 P.M. on the fourth Tuesday of each month.


Kayla Holtzclaw, Chairman
Vaunda Browning, Secretary

Mark Beckman

James Atkinson | Town of Six Mile SC
James Atkinson


December 7, 2021 - December 2, 2025

David Yongue | Town of Six Mile SC
David “Tom” Yongue


March 3, 1998 – December 5, 2023

Town Clerk/Treasurer

Rita H. Martin


Assistant Clerk

Kaitlyn Hall

Zoning Administrator


Members of the Zoning Board of Appeals


Dale Garrett

Rita Martin-Secretary

Robert Shaw

Dayle Stewart-Chairperson

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